Hari Raya Celebration At FingerTec
Muslims around the world are celebrating Syawal this year at the end of September and it’s a month celebration. It’s called Hari Raya in Malaysia, Eid in many Middle East countries and Uraza Bairam in Russia. This year FingerTec Worldwide holds an ‘open house’, an office party to celebrate the festivity.  Though Syawal is a Muslim’s celebration, we take this opportunity to introduce our food and culture with the rest of the staff, and to share this happy time together. 
Ketupat (rice balls) and rendang (meat spicy sambal) are the staple food for Hari Raya, the curry noodle is also our favorite. And it’s obvious that Malaysians are crazy about chilies.
Cookies and cakes are a must for this celebration, and the staffs were showing off their talents in the cooking area.
Different races, different religions, we found friendships in the middle.
A chance for Ben, Batyr and Regie to experience our kind of party and spicy food! Ketupat is an art of weaving, made out of young coconut leaves to contain grains of rice.
The ladies wearing traditional garments of Malay/Muslim in Malaysia.
All FingerTec family in front of our ‘house’.
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