New Firmware Update for i-Kiosk 100 / Q2i/TA200Plus
( by Chong Kah Heng, System Development Manager )
A new firmware for i-Kiosk 100/ Q2i/ TA200 Plus is ready to download here. This firmware is intended to improve the operations of work code of these models.

Previously, if the terminal is enabled with work code feature, every user must insert a code during verification. Even though the user is only a normal checking in or checking out, he/she must insert a work code too. This cause inconveniences for users especially those who are using the terminal for normal time attendance or access control only.


The new firmware can improve user-friendliness of the work code feature. After the work code feature is turned on, the terminal will no longer request your work code during verification process. The user must press the “*” button before he/she can insert his/her work code prior to verification. The improved operation is as explained below.

Before Firmware Update After Firmware Update
Press “*” button on the keypad. Place finger (or insert password, wave card) to verify
Screen display all predefined work codes Transaction log saved
Insert or select a work code  
Place finger (or insert password, wave card) to verify
Transaction log saved
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