The Smart Keylock 8800 -
Biometric Solutions for Smart Houses
( by Batyr Komurzoev, Sales Manager, CIS Countries )
Although biometric solutions for door access solutions are becoming quite common in some countries, there are still many places in the world that consider biometric locks to be state-of-the-art and costly solutions that can be afforded only by the large and profitable institutions or government organizations that require extra security measures. With this perception, many companies continue to use the already common card based systems and in order to introduce FingerTec products to these companies, our dealers must take extra effort and highlight the benefits of using
fingerprint based systems. As for the cost, the biometric systems, in general, are becoming much cheaper because of the advancement in technology. This trend makes biometric solutions affordable not only for an average company, but also for private houses.

The advancement in technology that made biometric solutions more affordable has coincided with the trend of building automated houses, often referred to as ‘smart houses’, which use various technologies to provide comfort, safety and efficiency. House automation is a practice of automating household appliances and features such as automatic control of lighting, doors and windows, and security and surveillance systems.

For example, a smart house might have rooms that can sense not only the presence of a person but know who that person is and set appropriate lighting, temperature, music or television levels. A smart house might have a function that imitates the presence of the people inside, while no one is home, or a function of displaying video monitoring on the TV screen in case of any movement is detected near the house. Other tasks may include automatically setting the air conditioning to an energy saving setting when the house is empty and switching back to normal setting when an occupant is about to return. More advanced systems can maintain an inventory of products, recording their usage through an RFID tags, prepare a shopping list or even automatically place order of the goods. The list of possible tasks in an automated house can be large, depending on the requirements of the owner. 

Keylock 8800
With the recent introduction of the smart Keylock 8800 model, FingerTec presents a complete and attractive biometric solution for smart houses. While Smart Keylock 8800 is not programmed to be a part of the smart house solutions, it has attracted a lot of attention from the Smart House providers who require hi-tech lock to complement their smart solution. Smart Keylock 8800 is a mechanical door lock that can be operated using fingerprint, cards, and password in addition to the traditional mechanical key. User has choice on which of the unlocking method or a combination of methods to use. It can be set as normally open once the authorized person has verified the entry or it can be set as normally close for a door that has to get verification for every entrance. Smart Keylock 8800 has a Motis lock and a strong steel bar latch that make the door lock ideal for the main door of the house. The more advanced features of the Smart Keylock 8800 such as LCD screen for easy setup and the option to download data make it more suitable for smart houses. The earlier models of FingerTec key locks are suitable more for the rooms inside the house, for example study room or storage room. Thus, with the Keylock 8800 on the main door and Keylock 6600 on the rooms inside the house, FingerTec provides an ideal solution that is safe and comfortable. 
Installation of Keylock 8800
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