FingerTec® Application Series -
Bus Service E-Ticketing
Factories and schools usually provide bus services to organize journeys back and forth the destinations at no cost or at a minimum charge. For school buses, parents are imposed with a monthly fee. A conventional way is to show access card for example employee card or bus card to the driver for verification. For buses that are using a better technology, proximity cards or smart cards are used for this purpose. All passengers need to do are to wave their cards (prepaid cards, student cards, working permit etc) to a scanner when entering the bus.

Biometric verification can be used to replace the existing card system. Instead of installing card readers, biometric terminals are installed in buses. Users do not need to carry any token but they need to verify their fingerprints when they want to ride the bus. Records are processed using software for reports and bills preparation. Users can be blocked from further using the service if the fees are not settled. By using biometrics technology in buses, passengers are free from carrying any tokens and control can be imposed effectively.

1 To use biometric system in bus services to control passenger access
2 To enrol passengers and distribute the templates into biometric terminals in the buses.
3 To utilize biometric system to record total usage of bus services of every individual for bills and reports generation.
4 Users do not need to bring any tokens to avoid any unexpected incident.
Technology Characteristics of FingerTec® Solution
To enroll users
The users registered to the buses service company by choosing the ride package, paying deposit and monthly access fees. Users enrol their fingerprint into the TA100.
All user information and fingerprints are downloaded into FingerTec® TCMS V2 software.
To upload to dedicated FingerTec® terminals
The user information and fingerprints are uploaded into dedicated FingerTec® terminals. The dedicated terminals are then installed to different buses with different routine or destinations. Example, users from 10001 to 10201 follow the same bus routine and their information and fingerprints are uploaded to the same FingerTec® terminal.
To install FingerTec® terminal to the dedicated bus
The bus is dedicated to serve a certain route i.e. Route 101 for a group of users.
The FingerTec® terminal installed in bus is powered on by AdapTec TA with rechargeable backup battery. The battery can last for at least 8 hours of operation. The rechargeable backup battery will need to be recharged when the bus is not in service.
To verify users when they are riding the bus
Every time users go into a bus and verify fingerprint. If he is a valid user (registered with the bus company and pay his previous bill), he/she is verified to take the ride. If he/she is unregistered or balance overdue, terminal will not verify he/she
The management of memberships, payment and reports

The bus company can print reports from FingerTec® TCMS v2 to view how many times a user use the bus service within a month, the details date and time etc.

The information then exported into their software then to process monthly bill for particular users. The bill sends to customers so they can clear their bills before they start to use the service in the coming month.
If the customers failed to clear their account balance and it is over the usage limit, the administrator will delete the user information from the FingerTec® terminals. The users are no longer can be verified at the bus.
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