FingerTec Installed at Vilnius International Airport
The advancement in technology has made fingerprint technology competitively priced for small and medium size companies. At the same time, the lower cost has also increased the usage of fingerprint products in its traditional market of big companies and organizations that require high security solutions.
FingerTec is successfully expanding in both of these markets worldwide and offers a wide range of biometric products that are, allowing the clients to choose according to their requirements. At the same time, Fingertec is winning clients who are using competitive products.
Recently, FingerTec readers were installed at the Vilnius International Airport to control premises of its security personnel. The project was carried out by our distributor in Lithuania, SS Solutions UAB.

Vilnius International Airport, located in the southern part of Vilnius city, is the largest civil airport in Lithuania.

The airport is notable for its 1950s terminal building which is decorated with sculptures of soldiers, workers and aviators.

From the inside, the airport is renovated with the modern style and furnishings and offers a comfortable and pleasant environment with all the standard services. First time visitors always get kindly surprised by the convenience of the airport

not only because of the services that are available in the airport but also because of its location as the airport is only 7 km or 15 minutes by car from the city center.


According to the Managing Director of SS Solutions Ltd., Mr Mark Dubiansky, the airport has selected FingerTec as a replacement of the existing card based access control system. Furthermore, it is a part of the larger project of installing FingerTec in other premises of the airport after the testing period.

Airports usually have high level of security and choose best security products to attain that. Therefore, being selected over the other brands by the main airport is a significant point for Fingertec in the Lithuanian market. Mr Mark is confident that, although introduced not so long ago, FingerTec will take a leading place soon in the Lithuanian market of biometric security systems.   

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