FingerTec Mexico’s E-commerce Strategy

Dear Friends,

On top from the great efforts we made in 2009 for brand positioning of FingerTec in the Mexican market, we will continue to invest and shortly be launching our E-commerce and E-marketing strategy for the brand in Mexico.

With this new effort, we aim to approach dealers and provide  them with more value-added services, tools, information, promotions, e-procurement, etc. In this way. we would have the opportunity to enhance our brand position and eventually increase our average FingerTec sales and thus, achieving one of our main objectives for the year 2010.
FingerTec Mexico Home Page
The strategies being implemented with this tool include:
1. Increased sales with marketing strategies and BTL (below the line) efforts to penetrate the market through specific niches.
2. Increased sales of existing distributors and to get them involved in the decision making process.
3. More efficient internal operations and reduced costs of closing sales, promotions and presentations of post-sale tracking.
4. Increased sales with low-budget investments in direct marketing.
5. The efficient operation of customer service and of closing sales as well as in reducing costs.
6. Consulting with an interactive advertising agency, focusing on digital media and electronics.
7. Support from a multidisciplinary groups: vendors, publishers, designers, programmers, administrators, etc., who are helping to support the overall strategy.
8. Context Marketing.
9. Multimedia microsites: promotional packages, wannabe's, videos, Google, quick online contact in the online distributor form, promotions, campaigns, success stories, news, audio selection, etc.
10. Microsites for distributors registered with access privileges and online support tools.
11. E-procurement with customer types, Kardex, discounts on standards, products, prices, newsletters, promotions, inventory control, sales management, control promotions, etc.
12. E-marketing.
13. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with Google.
Our website is composed of the following sections:
Home page. Here you can read about the general information and an overview of FingerTec Mexico, its main product packaging and marketing to attract new customers. On the other hand. we also present news of interest as well as our main customers.
About Us. We present a brief history of the company FingerTec. Similarly we share our mission vision, our values as a company and our main objectives.
Products. In this section we present the information of each of our products in detail, mentioning
Distribution. This is a special area for distributors interested in joining our team. We show the advantages of being in any of the 3 types of distributors: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Success Stories. This section presents the success stories we've done with some of our customers. These versions are told directly by the client, citing the experience he had with us and how we have met their expectations.
Newsletter. We present relevant news and timely information related to the biometrics market or other related topics on FingerTec.
Contact. – Here we inform our visitors of the quickest way to contact us via electronic and telephone channels as well as a virtual map showing our business location.
We also have 4 main areas which are:
Login for distributors. This is an exclusive area for FingerTec distributors. Here they will find information relating to the biometric terminals on sale, power point presentations, FAQs, technical specifications of the equipment, etc..

Virtual Store. It’s the section where guests register and make their purchases electronically. This site is totally secure to access and clients are assured of the satisfaction and comfort to make their purchases. 

We support your project. We offer the possibility of registering your project with us. Thus, we offer advice and timely monitoring of the progress we have been making.

Quiner Group. We link to the site of Quiner Group, where you can also find general information about this group.
To complement the on-line Strategy, there will also be OFF-LINE strategy in which we do radio campaigns, newspaper, magazine ads, breakfasts, exhibitions, etc. to support the overall strategy.

As you have already observed, we in FingerTec Mexico, make a great effort with a powerful marketing tool that supports our strategy for subsequent years.

Similarly, we have the goal of coordinating an event to officially present our site to distributors and major customers such as Waldo, Praxair, Inalarm, etc., for the first quarter of next year. We also extend our invitation to FingerTec’s Head Office to be present here to promote the FingerTec brand in Mexico.

All this strategy will become operational in early February 2010. We are confident that results will be outstanding and positive.

This is the news we can share with you from FingerTec Mexico.

We appreciate your attention and at the same time, we thank your group for the support you provided in the professional development of the FingerTec brand in the Mexican market this year.


Best wishes,
Arturo Carrillo
Commercial Director
FingerTec Mexico

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