Taking FingerTec to the Next Level –
From Finger to Pay Slip

One of the first things that would come to the mind of any economist in a recession period would be the number of businesses that are going to close down and the number of people that are going to be left jobless and finally, how deep of a slump the economy is going to face. However true that this may usually be, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that businesses need not necessarily crash, especially business in the IT industry, and can even grow themselves in recessions.

This surprising statement would obviously lead to questions such as “how is that possible” and “that goes against any economic theory ever made”. But
the reality is that it all depends on how strong the company pushes itself in the market and how strategic the marketing plans would be.

In order to prove this near-to-impossible challenge, Grayscale Pvt Ltd initiated itself to provide value added services to the market to beat competition and to prove to customers that the use of technology is the way to beat recession. Our core achievement is the global release of MPower HRM Suite into the market, as an added benefit, FREE with the purchase of any FingerTec machine. MPower HRM Suite, with its many features and at surprisingly low prices brought a new revolution into the market and certainly is beating the competition in the biometrics market (for details on MPower HRM Suite and its features, please visit www.mpowerhrm.com.


MPower HRM, when paired with FingerTec, is probably the best solution to a company’s HR needs. The different versions available allow you to use one that is suitable to you. With the software’s many features such as fixed and flexible rostering options and unlimited different clocking schedules for different departments/sections, makes the software an additional asset to your FingerTec machine. And the best part is; it’s FREE.

We have introduced a partnership programme to sell and support MPower HRM Suite in different regions across the globe.

Grayscale is further re-establishing itself in the market as the number one support centre by strengthening the technical competency in the company. The team is growing with more expertise personnel and they are already using more efficient and innovative methods, including online trouble shooting, for technical support of FingerTec products. This is highly praised by customers as this is very important for countries like the Maldives, where the customers may be far away in remote islands across the sea.

As part of the business plan for 2010, Grayscale Pvt. Ltd. will be opening its outlet in January 2010. The outlet will mainly focus on FingerTec products, with additional hi-tech products (that can go alongside with FingerTec) to make the showroom more attractive to customers. All customer correspondences for FingerTec products will be carried out from the outlet and will be the main focal point for FingerTec in Maldives.
Marketing plans for 2010 will start with billboard advertisements across the capital, with further advertisements in the local newspaper online, which has over 1 million visits per day. Marketing plans for 2010 also include geographical coverage of customers. Geographical barriers are the biggest challenge in the Maldives, where the capital holds 1/3rd of the population and the remaining population is scattered across in tiny islands. One of the main events that Grayscale is focusing on will be the annual IT fair held in the islands by the Telecommunications Authority of Maldives.
Our initiative for customer value is our key to success. We believe that customers are buying benefits and not just products. Hence, the better the benefits package that come along with the product, the higher the satisfaction from customers. We are proud to bring such an additional value to FingerTec, the no.1 in biometric systems.
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