TCMS V2.2.006 Launched
TCMS V2.2.006 is now launched with some new features. Upgrade it online or download the installation files here.
There are 5 new features of the newly launched version:
1. Display of User Name in Terminal Transaction Report.
In the latest version of TCMS V2, users full name can be viewed in Terminal Transaction Listing report as shown below:
2. No more error messages pop up when issuing attendance records.
Upgrade of the software to TCMSv2.2.006 will resolve the error message received when generating attendance sheet, as shown below:
3. Resolve audit data transaction codes issue
In the previous version of TCMS V2, the software only takes work code, check-IN/check OUT/OT-IN/OT-OT as transaction codes in terminal data audit list. With the new improvements made on TCMSV2.2.006, the software will take the terminal status (status key code configured in i-kiosk 100,iI-kiosk 100 plus, Q2i/TA200 Plus) as the transaction codes in the terminal data audit list.
4. Resolve export attendance records with different first days of the week.

In the previous TCMS V2 version, if “first day of week is” is configured as other days than Sundays in the “Day Type”, once the data is exported in attendance sheet, the day and date will be displayed incorrectly e.g. MONDAY should reflect as 26/10/09 and not 25/10/09 and it is a WORKDAY and not a RESTDAY.

The problem has been resolved in TCMSV2.2.006 and the days and dates will be correctly displayed as configured.
5. Clocking schedule without break/resume clocking can have flexi-lunch deduction.

In the previous version of TCMS V2 version, you need to define the break/resume clocking in order to have flexi-lunch deduction. The TCMS V2.2.006 doesn’t require you to define break/resume clocking anymore to deduct the flexi lunch time.

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