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CloudTrack is FingerTec’s latest integrated innovative system, allowing its resellers to track, note, and update information of each and every terminal purchased by our resellers, creating a sort of ‘health card’ for your terminal which can be updated every time you repair or update the terminal, for a limitless amount of time!

At FingerTec, we believe that support does not only stop after sales, but is maintained continuously until the terminal is eventually discarded sometime in the future. This is why we’ve created CloudTrack as it not only lets resellers keep track of their purchases and their terminals, but allows the Technical team at FingerTec to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose a problem should any technical difficulty come up.

Here’s a look at some other features of CloudTrack:

Give Your Terminal Its Very Own Timeline
With CloudTrack, you’ll be giving your FingerTec terminal its own life. By using the terminal’s serial number, you can track each terminal’s Coreboard & MCU board version, firmware version and other internal parts, speeding up troubleshooting and technical support for both, our resellers and end-users, leaving all parties feeling supported!
Interactive Layout for Regular Updates
CloudTrack does not only allow the FingerTec headquarters to update information of the terminals, but also allows our resellers to constantly add notes under each of the terminals after important events such as firmware updates, changing of the FEM board and so on. Add whatever notes you need for your reference at any time!
Find Out Your Warranty Status
Not sure if your product is still under warranty? Key in your serial number here to check if the terminal you purchased is still entitled to a warranty claim and then submit your claim online at if it is. Warranty claims can’t get any easier.
Track Your Shipments & Past Purchases
Not sure where your shipment is currently? That won’t be a problem anymore. Monitor and track the details of your shipment(s) from CloudTrack with our Shipment Notifications, and keep track of past invoices and purchases easily!
Every reseller will be given an authorized account for access to CloudTrack. You can also update your latest company profile on CloudTrack if you have any changes. CloudTrack is currently in its final stage of setting up and once released, we will be sure to send all of our resellers an invitation to join and use the service for free! Stay tuned to FingerTec to find out when this convenient all-in-one website will be released.
Wish you could track the whole history of your terminals? Well now you can.
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Note: Only FingerTec terminal records purchased from 1-7-2011 can be tracked on CloudTrack.
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