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It is paradoxical that in countries where labor is abundant, capital is scarce. Would it not be desirable to use the abundance in labor to keep factories going for 24 hours, thereby increasing employment output at the same time? Multiple shift work is not uncommon when a new plant is constructed or when a major expansion takes place. The entrepreneur could then plan to satisfy whatever market that is anticipated with a multi-shift plant instead of a single shift.
Setting up multiple shifts in a factory environment can be very challenging for the employer as well as the time attendance software. The time attendance software must be up to the task to facilitate the different working shifts as well as different break time requirements. This is where our trusty TCMS V2 software comes in. With the TCMS V2 software, it is possible to manage 12 hour work shifts with 3 break times such as the morning tea break, lunch time and evening tea break. You can also assign the software to automatically calculate the overtime once the working hour exceeds 40 hours.
For normal configurations such as the weekly or daily schedule, the TCMS V2 software cannot cater for 3 or more break times in a day. Instead, you will need to configure multiple shifts using 2 daily schedules. Below are the instructions on how to set up multiple shifts using the daily schedule and also the function to assign OT calculations if the working hours exceed the desired hours.
Step 1 – At the Clocking Schedule, create the daily schedule for Shift 1;
Step 2 – Once done, proceed to create the daily schedule for Shift 2;
Step 3 – At the Group Duty Roster, set Shifts/Day to 2 to configure multiple shifts;
Step 4 – Assign the clocking schedule 1 and 2 into Group Duty Roster 3;
Step 5 – Set Overtime Only After to 40.00 hours/week;
Voila! This will result in Multiple Shifts.
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