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Aquacultural Park, iSHARP, Installs Fingertec
By Ms. Kartina Azlina , Sales & Marketing Executive (Domestic Sales), FingerTec Worldwide
Located in Setiu, Terengganu, iSHARP Setiu Sdn Bhd is a fully integrated aquaculture park developed by Blue Archipelago Berhad for shrimp farming in an orderly and controlled manner. Encompassing an area totaling 1,000 hectares, the company is currently producing up to 3,100 metric tons per annum while employing roughly 250 workers. Planning for the future, iSHARP aims to produce up to 8,900 metric tons per annum while employing a 500-strong workforce by 2015.
Previously, the business had never employed any system or devices for Time Attendance or Door Access. After several discussions as well as a demonstration by our reseller, Genggam Efektif (GE), iSHARP was blown away by the success and effectiveness of GE’s previous FingerTec installation projects. They viewed the physical device as well as the accompanying software to have many advantages over other competing products. They have since installed one unit of TA100C in addition to 8 units of m-Kadex and i-Kadex with plans for more.
Some of the employees from iSHARP Setiu Sdn Bhd.
So far, the iSHARP management has not encountered any problems while operating the FingerTec goods and is very satisfied with the solution provided by the FingerTec reseller. Mohd Masdi bin Musa, the Managing Director of GE, states, “It was easy to suggest the product to iSHARP because the efficiency of FingerTec’s support staff, marvelous marketing materials and progressive product design were all pluses in the client’s eyes”. Masdi goes on to mention “it helps that the specifications and system requirements (TCMS) of the clients were absolutely met by the products”.

Just like iSHARP Setiu Sdn Bhd, Genggam Efektif is also brewing some magic of their own to improve and expand their business with FingerTec’s help. “We can’t really disclose (any information) yet because it is still in the planning process but trust me when I say that it’ll be huge. The devices have a lot of potential, and GE will go into 2013 with big action plans for FingerTec products”, said Masdi with a cheeky grin.
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