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FingerTec Customized for Luxury Housing Estate in Hong Kong
By Ms. Tamy Phoon, Marketing Manager, FingerTec Worldwide
FingerTec was recently installed in a prestigious luxury housing estate with 20 blocks in the heart of Hong Kong. Initially, Kadex and i-Kadex MC were used for resident ID verification and installed in every block, carpark as well as the estate main entrance to replace the traditional card access control system.
The FingerTec Kadex made into a portable device by our Hong Kong reseller, ASC (HK) Ltd.
As there were no network infrastructures provided, offline USB data communication interface was the only option for the guards to update the Kadex user database from TCMS V2. Although the practice may not be the most efficient, it keeps the housing estate from incurring high costs and eliminates the hassle of developing a network infrastructure of their own.
It was smooth sailing except for one small kink; how can the guards verify residents’ identities with the least fuss when they enter via a vehicle? The estate manager presented this scenario to FingerTec reseller, ASC (HK) Ltd, with the hopes of minimizing the physical effort required by the residents to sign in. The company did not disappoint, coming up with a tailor made portable casing to enclose the FingerTec readers and portable charging battery together. The handheld identity verification terminal now makes it easier to verify people coming in regardless of their mode of transportation.
ASC (HK) Ltd is one of the largest local system integrators in Hong Kong and has been providing total peace of mind to customers seeking total security solutions. Together with FingerTec products, ASC guarantees their clients carefree minds by providing solutions that are both preventive as well as proactive in nature.
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