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Moving Forward with FingerTec at
Al Salam Private School
By Mr. Benacer Douadi, Sales Manager (Middle Eastern/African Region), FingerTec Worldwide
Al Salam Private School logo
Al Salam Private School was established in the education sector with the main aim of advancing the quality of education through various methods, such as the traditional concept of education in classrooms and e-learning, to suit the requirements of current times. The school’s vision is to establish a professional community that is capable of leadership and global competition by producing a creative generation of learners. This goes along with their mission, which is to provide outstanding education and to develop a community that enhances creativity through technology.
Al Salam Private School branch in Khobar
The Al Salam Private School branch in Khobar, has been looking for a time attendance system to monitor staff movement throughout the school. The school discovered Itqan International, who is a FingerTec agent, and have requested a device that will manage time attendance effectively among its staff. Itqan suggested the deployment of FingerTec TA100CR, which was not only installed in the management department, but also the primary, middle and secondary schools. Combining verification methods, including fingerprint, password and card, Al Salam were satisfied with the quality of the product and are recommending FingerTec devices to other private schools that can benefit from deploying our products.
FingerTec TA100CR
Through their agency and professional service, Itqan International is able to build a big base of resellers and clients throughout Saudi Arabia. The company is known for their attention to detail at giving their customers the best support they can ask for, going out of their way to fulfilling their requests, no matter the size or value. Built on long-term key relationships and the pursuit of technological excellence, Itqan has surpassed their competitors by integrating their offerings with emerging technologies and FingerTec is happy to have Itqan as an agent for our products.
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