Good Deeds with FingerTec: Spreading the
Holiday Cheer with
As a company that highly values our corporate social responsibility, this is the year where we once again give back to the community and this time around, we’ve paired up with Yayasan Dazhi, a local foundation initiated by a group of individuals who are extremely passionate about preserving the history of Buddhism in Malaysia.

Since the beginning, Yayasan Dazhi has worked long and hard to raise the public’s awareness regarding Buddhism, bridging gaps within the local community by cultivating intercultural relationships and performing social welfare activities. They aspire to bring Buddha’s wisdom to the world and aim to highlight the work that is carried out by the Buddhist temples and organisations in the country. Thriving on the generosity of the community and of many individuals, they are self-supported and funded exclusively through volunteer involvement, sponsorship, donations and fundraising.

FingerTec is pleased to have helped in furthering the cause of Yayasan Dazhi by contributing RM 10K in donations to support their cause and vision. As a toast to the holiday season, we have also participated in their Holiday Soup Kitchen Program that goes on their midnight rounds around Sentul and Chow Kit. Through this mobile food distribution program, the poor and needy whom do not have the means to have a proper meal are distributed a hot food pack each. Already, Yayasan Dazhi have been able to give out close to 800 food packs since the start of the program, successfully providing over 300 homeless with food. We hope that their good deeds will continue to blossom and grow in the years to come.

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