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The Diyala Ministry Gives Their Highest
Recommendations to FingerTec i-Kiosk 100 Plus
Even in the midst of the turmoil and civil unrest that plagues the Diyala region of eastern Iraq, life still goes on for the 1.4 million residents who call it home. With the recent upsurge of attacks, assaults and violence on the Diyala Ministry and the residents of Diyala, the Diyala Governorate and State Police have been working tirelessly to tighten their security measures and to protect, prevent and resolve further conflicts in order to preserve the fragile peace of the region.

Seizing the opportunity to further strengthen the brand awareness of FingerTec time attendance and access control solutions, the installation project was by helmed by our esteemed reseller, AIN Al-Zulal Co. Ltd and their manager Mr. Fred who was accompanied by their engineering staff to Baqubah for the implementation work. The monumental task of implementing the units and the training process were done in stages to ensure that the Diyala Ministry got the best value for the money services. The main building housing the Diyala Governorate were equipped with 10 i-Kiosk 100 Plus and also installed at the main entrances, annexes and building entry points.

The FingerTec i-Kiosk 100 Plus provides the Diyala Ministry with a comprehensive plan that not only safeguards the main building from illegal and unlawful entry but also delivers a complete time attendance and access control solution that guarantees a powerful performance. The unit comes equipped with a built-in camera as an extra security measure that is set up to capture a photo whenever a user attempts or verifies their entry via fingerprint authentication, RFID card or password verification. The 3 verification methods mentioned above offered by i-Kiosk 100 Plus ensures that a data trail is left with each entry and exit process for easy and hassle-free monitoring and tracking purposes. Coupled with the powerful capabilities of the Ingress software system, it wasn’t long before the Diyala Ministry noticed a marked increase in punctuality and attendance among staff members and gave their highest recommendation for the easy data transferral method that uses a USB flashdisk device or any available internet access for administration purposes in Ingress.
The AIN Al-Zulal team were on hand every step of the way and personally trained a team of specialist staff to run the system and were happy to report that the specialist staff team gave their full attention, interest and their full co-operation during the entire training process. Despite the great number of threats and numerous difficulties in maintaining security in the Diyala province, the Diyala Ministry witnessed first-hand that the steady commitment to regulating staff punctuality and attendance are the most effective formulas to fight terrorism.
Ain Al-Zulal Co. Ltd is an electronics system and information company located in Al-Karada in Iraq. They have been our distributor for two and a half years now, and are counted among one of our most dedicated and satisfied clients so far.
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