(by Ms. Tamy Phoon, Assistant Marketing Manager)
Saimuth Technologies Inc. has for over the past six years proven that they have a strong commitment to both their manufacturing partners and their customers. Saimuth prides itself on choosing manufacturing partners with quality products & quality support that are available to their customers at competitive pricing. The companies will work together closely, to strongly position FingerTec in the Canadian marketplace and effectively distribute the products from coast to coast with a network of distributors and dealers/system integrators.
FingerTec with its innovative tailor made solutions, high standards of quality control and a wide range of features to meet the market demand, will complement and enhance the product line that Saimuth offers. System integrators and installers can expect only the highest performance from FingerTec equipments. With immense online resources, training and support, the installers and integrators will have absolutely no issues with support for FingerTec products.

With a proud presence in over 100 countries worldwide, FingerTec along with its partner Saimuth Technologies Inc.,will not only look to carve an enviable market share in the Canadian market but also enhance and establish its presence in the shortest possible time.

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