With the increasing demand for an efficient time attendance and access control solution among retailers, FingerTec was honorably invited to participate in the Retail Asia Expo 2011 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, which was held from 14th to 16th June. Representatives from over 150 major global solutions providers (E.g. Microsoft, Cisco, SAP, NCR, Checkpoint, Verifone, TycoADT) showcased their latest products and services in this expo, and it successfully brought together approximately 10,000 retail operators from all chain-stores, multi-national brand owners and advertising agencies across Asia Pacific regions.

The booth was divided into 3 main categories, color fingerprint models, fingerprint models and card models, with a special highlight on the latest facial recognition solution, Face ID 2. Visitors were presented with an idea of biometrics technology, the maturity of its development in the security industry and the strategic functions of all the models displayed. By demonstrating the references of existing retail users, the visitors could get a clearer picture of the application of biometrics in their own operation under different requirements and environmental constraints, and most importantly, how it could help to enhance management efficiency in the long term.

Besides our extensive product line, visitors were impressed by the powerful management tool, the TCMS V2, in controlling and delivering accurate attendance records in a timely manner, which can greatly reduce the manual works as compared to the method they are now using.
The event was a resounding success, attracting thousands of visitors a day to touch and experience the splendid performance of our solutions, and to communicate with our sales and support team about their situations and experience. We are glad to know many renowned corporations are considering the application of biometrics solutions, like Coach, Swire Resources, Calvin Klein, Volkswagen Hong Kong, MGM Macau, ToysRus, etc. Even better news is that some interior design companies are attempting to integrate the concept of fingerprint and biometrics into their design!
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