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  FingerTec Data Processor’s Many Usages
Technical Support Team, FingerTec Worldwide
Integrating Your Data Between Platforms
As is the case in most small and medium-sized establishments across all industries, a combination of systems from different parties are often combined in one single solution to cut costs. As each task is specialized and done by a different system, the need for a bridge between the different platforms is instrumental. FingerTec Data Processor (FTDP) is a simple solution that can be used to enable the much-needed cross-platform integration in this situation.
FTDP is designed to manage and manipulate user, fingerprint, log and reader information for customers to connect FingerTec terminals to a third party system. This makes it easy for HR departments or upper management to use the information between systems from different parties for staff management or payroll purposes. As can be seen in the diagram below, the application uses Microsoft Access as the default platform for its database, but can also function with inputs from Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases. These meaningful information can then be outputted into several different formats for integration into any software such as FingerTec’s TCMS V2, payroll systems or any other compatible third party systems.
FingerTec Data Processor is a completely free application that is available to all FingerTec users. On top of being a cross-platform enabling bridge, the application is also suitable for users who are not interested in using advanced system configurations such as those found in the comprehensive time attendance software, TCMS V2 or the powerful access control software, Ingress, but may still require basic transaction managements. For more info on FTDP, read its brochure here.
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