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FingerTec Solves Time Attendance Issues For Medical Facilities In North Seberang Perai
By Ms. Kartina Azlina, Sales & Marketing Executive (Domestic Sales), FingerTec Worldwide
Biometric Systems Training Session, conducted by the District Health Office of North Seberang Perai
Since 2008, the deployment of FingerTec devices within several medical facilities in Penang under the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, such as the Health Administration Office and the Vector Control Unit in North Seberang Perai, have yielded positive results in terms of monitoring staff attendance and productivity. According to Mr. Zailani Abdul, CEO of the District Health Office of North Seberang Perai, there have also been no reports of any issues with the devices’ hardware, plus zero maintenance costs imposed on any of the devices. Seeing how much it has benefited these medical facilities, the District Health Office organized a training session with their staff, as well as staff comprising various medical facilities within the area to stress on the importance and benefits of biometric systems, in this case, FingerTec devices.
Staff members trying out the FingerTec AC100C
During the training session overseen by Mr. Zailani Abdul, all staff members who were in attendance had the chance to try out the AC100C device and were pleased with its innovative technology in time attendance. Most of the positive feedback was emphasized on the efficiency of the devices to monitor attendance, increase staff productivity within the facilities and reduce tardiness and frauds i.e. buddy punching. Other miscellaneous feedbacks include the simplicity in using the devices by using a finger rather than having to punch in manually using punch card machines, its cost-effectiveness in being able to save cost on time attendance cards for manual punching and how easy it is for the human resource department to manage staff attendance and wages.
FingerTec – Committed to delivering excellent products for access control and time attendance
Global Fortune Network, a member of the FingerTec Family, plays a huge role in promoting FingerTec products in Penang. They are very happy to be selling FingerTec products due to the reliability that FingerTec exhibits, its software that is very simple to operate and its easy installation. In addition, Global Fortune Network are very happy with the friendly and attentive support service that FingerTec has to offer, not to mention the different ways of contacting FingerTec, whether it is through direct phone calls or through Skype. The extensive FingerTec website, which contains all of their needs, such as training and many more is also a factor in their choice of brand. With this support, Global Fortune Network will look to build upon their relationship further with FingerTec in the years to come.
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