FingerTec Offers Non-Profit Organizations
TimeTec Cloud For Free
You have read that title right, we are offering non-profit organizations (NPO) TimeTec Cloud, our acclaimed timekeeping software, at no cost. After all, at FingerTec, we make resolutions as part of our constant reminder to always strive for the best and to raise awareness for those who are in need of care and backing. TimeTec Cloud’s powerful cloud-based solution for time attendance would be a great addition for any NPO, as we believe that being in the forefront when it comes to producing biometric products for time attendance and access control doesn’t mean that these products are only available for a particular tier of the society.

By giving out TimeTec Cloud for free, we are looking to continuously support NPOs in our coming years and hope that this initiative will lighten the load of NPOs and their advocacy work.

Getting started with TimeTec Cloud as an NPO is a simple two-step procedure. All you need to do is to :

  Step 1
  Sign-up for your FREE trial
Step 2  
Send us an e-mail to
with the following:
Once the details have been verified, we will contact the NPO for any additional requirements. To top it off, we will assess the organisation’s application and should they meet the criteria, they will be given an opportunity to use TimeTec Cloud for free. The criteria for NPOs that are selected will be based on our discretion.

Over the years, we have made donations that has helped a number of causes, which encompasses from secondary education institutions, religious societies to human right’s activists. It goes without saying that one of our core values in this organization is to encourage giving, to lend a helping hand to those who need it most. And now, we are looking forward to go beyond providing financial support to non-profit organizations.

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