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FingerTec Gives Ferrari Logistic’s
Time Attendance a New Lease of Life
Founded in 1959 as a customs broker and forwarding company in Italy, Ferrari Logistics is today an international establishment providing one-stop solutions for the logistics management of precious and luxury goods. Carrying more than 50 years of experience and 80 logistics offices in 50 countries under their belt, Ferrari Logistics also acts as an IATA agent that operates in all major international hubs.
Recognized as an organisation that places a great emphasis on employing the best of the crop to deliver high quality services to their customers, Ferrari Logistics has continuous seek ways to revolutionize their workforce and existing systems. This includes investing heavily in the innovation of security procedures, import and export, customs support, event organization, international show support, supply chain, warehousing and logistics activities.
By providing quality service, timeliness, flexibility and responsiveness with accurate and customised solutions for high-value merchandise and commodities, Ferrari Logistic’s intuitive aspect showcases their receptiveness to the technological advancements with a strong belief that these beliefs will be extremely beneficial to their organisation.
Hence, when Ferrari Logistic approached Founder Globaltech for an effective solution to deal with their time attendance, all factors were taken into consideration before the decision was made to implement and install Face ID2, FingerTec’s best-selling face recognition system, into their premises. Previously, they were using a proximity badge system which resulted in missing attendance logs which is unreliable, inaccurate and easily manipulated by certain employees. These attendance logs then became a burden for the IT staff and matters are further complicated when they need to produce reports and perform a salary calculation for their employees.
After the implementation of Face ID2, the organisation has experienced a huge decrease in workload as well as an increase in satisfaction with their current timekeeping system as they can now focus on improving their workforce. FaceID2’s swift and user friendly system is a welcome to the staff too and it can be said that the performance of the organisation has been optimised as a whole.
Established in 2002, Founder GlobalTech is an associate company of FingerTec spearheading the communications landscape by delivering technologically advanced communications software and hardware to their clients.
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