FingerTectivity 03/07/2015

FingerTec is Feeling the Rhythm with 24 Festive Drums
Founded in 1922, the Johor Bahru Tiong Hua Federal Association (Persekutuan Tiong Hua) is a registered non-profit company and is the highest governing body among the Chinese community in Johor Bahru. All educational, cultural and religious activities that are related to the ethnic Chinese in Johor Bahru, are organised and led by Persekutuan Tiong Hua. The activities include donation drives for Chinese schools, Mid-Autumn Festival celebrsation etc. The Johor State Minister has been invited to the annual Chinese New Year Celebration every year for bonding purposes between local folks and public councils. The history of Persekutuan Tiong Hua is in parallel with the history of the ethnic Chinese in Johor Bahru. Their Chinese forefathers struggled and worked hard to develop Johor Bahru, in the hopes of making it their home.
FingerTec has shown its support to Persekutuan Tiong Hua by contributing a generous sum to the 24 Festive Drums troupe, part of the cultural activities established by the association in the hopes of preserving and promoting awareness of the Malaysian Chinese culture. The 24 Festive Drums originated in Johor Bahru and earned its moniker from the 24 seasons based on solar terms of East Asian calendars. While each troupe today consists of 24 drums, ironically the first performance of this art form in 1988 merely consisted of nine drums. It is an inseparable part of the Chinese heritage with performances usually played out ceremonies and celebrations.

FingerTec is proud to be a part of the movement in encouraging the preservation and appreciation of cultural art forms and practices, bringing more colours to the vibrant palette that is Malaysia.

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