As shown in the picture above, the Face ID 2 displays User Group Indicator during operation. There are 13 groups available for assignment in Face ID2. The group assignment is carried out during enrollment.
Enrollment of Face
The first group can store 100 face templates, while the remaining 12 groups can store 50 face templates each.
Default User Grouping for Face Enrollment
Each group has a maximum storage capacity for face templates. Group 1 can store 100 face templates, while Group 2 to 12 can store 50 face templates each. By default, the face templates are saved into Group 1. The terminal will store the face templates into new group if the current group’s storage capacity is full. For example: If the storage capacity for Group 1 is full, the terminal will automatically store face templates into Group 2.
Case 1: You need to enrol 300 users using face into Face ID 2.
Assign Group According To Your Preference
You may group users according to your preference. For example:
Take Case 1 again as an example. You can assign groups such as below:
Group 1 80 users are administration workers.
Group 2 20 users are security guards.
Group 3 50 users are morning shift workers.
Group 4 40 users are morning shift workers.
Group 5 30 users are factory out sourced contractors.
Group 6 20 users are supply chains representatives.
Group 7 20 users are cleaning workers.
Verification of Face
When a user verifies his identity, he must insert the group number for example 2. The LCD will show Group 2 and the terminal will search into the memory to find the user’s face template from Group 2. If the user entered the wrong group number, the terminal will not able to verify his face.
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