( by Mr. Henry Pang, Product Development Manager )
By default, FingerTec TA100 models come with an external siren or a scheduled bell feature. Configuration of time settings can be done in TA100 prior to connecting it to any bell system with an independent power supply. Once the time is configured, the TA100 would trigger the bells at the specific times. Scheduled bell feature alerts employee on certain times such as time to start working, break time, etc. There are two options available to choose from. First is the weekly type which is 7 days a week, each day with 8 schedules and second is the daily type with a total of 50 schedules repeating everyday.

TA100C is the latest model of TA100 series and it comes with 64k color display LCD, more powerful features and both internal and external siren. Unfortunately, the earlier batch of the model cannot ring the bell due to some error in the firmware. To resolve this issue, please download and update the new firmware in your TA100C.

Refer to the TA100C User Manual for settings details.

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