Warka Bank for Investment and Finance is one of the largest financial institutions in Iraq with a network of 130 branches and 350 ATM's located all over Iraq with strong and growing banking services. The bank was established in 1999 and now it is considered by the central bank of Iraq and the other financial organizations as the first private bank in Iraq.

Monitoring attendance in Warka Bank is not an easy job because of the culture of courtesy deployed in Iraq, which makes it difficult to control the presence and departure of staff, which then leads to a decrease in productivity and a high wage-ratio being paid to employees enrolled in name only. It was this issue that encouraged Warka Bank to seek for alternative solutions. After some brief survey of the market, the bank decided to come to us, Larsa Scientific, reseller of FingerTec solutions to implement a new system for them.

We at Larsa Scientific then suggested that we install the best-selling time attendance fingerprint device, FingerTec TA100 at all of Warka Bank’s 130 branches around the country. The data of from each terminal will then be monitored using FingerTec’s software, the TCMS V2, which allows us to pull data from up to 999 terminals installed in several branches. The client accepted our proposal, and as a result, 150 units of FingerTec TA100 were installed over a period of two years within the premises of the private bank.
As a result, the setup of the system increased the productivity and efficiency of the institution. The presence and departure of staff have also been reported more accurately, enabling the linking of the data with human resources and payroll system, which contributed to the reduction of the operating budget of the bank. The system has also provided them with much ease when managing their huge human capital. Features in the FingerTec TCMS V2 software also allows them to centralize the data in their headquarters for further office automation, making branch monitoring simple. All in all, this large installation in one of Iraq’s most notable private institutions proves to be a benchmark for Larsa Scientific, clearly displaying our extensive knowledge in the industry.
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