FingerTec in The Community
As a company known the world over, FingerTec Worldwide prides itself on giving back to the community through its vast Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Not only is FingerTec committed to producing biometrics solutions in the time attendance and access control markets, but they are also committed to helping build and strengthen the community to go far and beyond their limitations. Here are just some of the activities that FingerTec has been involved in thus far.
1. 2013 Jogathon Warisan
As usual, FingerTec is one of the core sponsors for this annual event. This year, the Jogathon was held on 21st April 2013, with 6500 participants. For more info, visit the official Jogathon Warisan website.
2. Community Videos and Newspapers Sponsorship
FingerTec also helped sponsor a group of volunteers to make a few community videos and newspapers (total print of 600,000 copies) for an awareness campaign in the 13th Malaysian General Election.
3. Sponsorship of Book Publication
With the youth in mind, FingerTec also helped sponsor a book publication for Global Development Initiative (GDI), an action-oriented non-governmental organization aimed at the development of advocacy, leadership, training and community for the purpose of building a better tomorrow. For more info, visit the official GDI website.
In conclusion, FingerTec Worldwide values its CSR duties very much. There’s always some activity or charity being endorsed by the company. As a whole, FingerTec is dedicated in giving its best to empower and improve the lives of the community for a better future.
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