Gives Yayasan Dazhi and Suaram a Helping Hand
It has been an incredibly momentous month for FingerTec as we learn that while there is still much that needs to be done in the corporate world, one must not forget that it is the public who have shaped us to what we are today. Therefore, it is only apt to give back to the people who have supported us and for the month of May, we have selected 2 NGOs to aid comprising of Yayasan Dazhi and Suaram.
A foundation initiated by a group of individuals who are extremely passionate about preserving the history of Buddhism in Malaysia, Yayasan Dazhi aims to highlight the work that is carried out by the Buddhist temples and organisations in the country.
Yayasan Dazhi aspires to raise the public’s awareness regarding Buddhism, bridge the gap within the local community by cultivating intercultural relationships and performing social welfare activities.
Moving on to the other NGO, SUARAM is regarded one of the leading human rights organisations in Malaysia. Formed in 1987 after Ops Lalang, SUARAM is led by the Memorandum and Articles of Association pursuant to the Companies Act, 1965.
SUARAM specializes in civil and political rights such as educational programs and trainings on freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association. Among SUARAM’s major achievements include bringing together more than 50 distinct organizations such as Islamists, socialists, liberals, Hindus, unionists and the disabled in a series of meeting from 1993-1994 to formulate the Malaysian Human Rights Charter.
Suaram's activities: Inquest, Rallies, Roadshows and Exhibitions
FingerTec is pleased to be a patron of both Yayasan Dazhi and Suaram by contributing donations to support their cause and vision. We hope that they will be able to continue their noble endeavours with tireless determination in the future years to come.
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