( by Tew Bee Lay, Sales Manager )
It has become a norm that most people are keen to purchase goods from one-stop vendors. Surveys show that most buyers appreciate the efforts of a sales person to brief them on the additional items/services offered to them when they purchase a specific product. For instance, if you are selling tennis racquets, you can also offer a bag, balls, lessons and accessories. To gain extra sale, you simply could have mention the availability of the other products or services. It’s a way of demonstrating that, as a sales person we are aware of their needs and care about their satisfactions.

FingerTec Malaysia has taken a strategy to offer FingerTec products complete with accessories for installation, with one main objective, to offer convenience. Thus far, we have been promoting bundled packages for Kadex & i-Kadex , R2 and R2i  with all required accessories including Electro Magnetic Lock, Back Up Battery, AdapTec AC with Metal Casing, Release Push Button and 20 RFID cards.  All of the items are packed into one box for the convenience of the reseller as well as of the customers.

These package promotions offered at irresistible prices have attracted encouraging inquiries and boosted up our sales.  Many of our customers opted for this package deal and requested similar promotion for other models and Time Attendance models. For Time Attendance models, we can bundle them with Mini-UPS and a Flexi-kit, if required.

Bundling concept has long been used as a way to entice shoppers to buy not just a single item, but also an entire group of items that go together. Offering a price break on package deals will help close the sale. Our Bottom Line: The key to successful cross selling is to focus our efforts on meeting the customer’s needs, rather than simply pushing more products and services.

It always important that we need to broadcast the promotions awareness through batch e-mailing like PhpLedMailer. We could also link this promotion leaflet to individual local website for the benefit of all.
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