( By Andre Xerri , Sales Executive for AIS )
Advanced Industrial Systems Limited is a renowned company in Malta that focuses on providing process automation to various areas of specializations including biometrics, SCADA, Telemetry, Access Control, Time Attendance and etc. The company has been established since 1991 and with almost 20 years experience; 3 years ago had approached FingerTec to distributor FingerTec fingerprint commercial products for time attendance and access control in Malta.
Initially, Advanced Industrial Systems Limited was interested only in the time attendance products from FingerTec to fill in the void for biometrics products supplies in Malta. However, during these past years we have experiencing a number of positive changes in FingerTec, which prompted us to start marketing fingerprint door access range to the Maltese market. Our company is known as a top seller of fingerprint for time attendance in Malta and recently with R2, we have came across a few interesting projects for Access control which R2 can fulfil and we are determine to being the leader in the field of biometrics access control very soon. The introduction of newer products such as R2i and i-Kadex has given us a leading edge on our competitors.
In the past three years, Advanced Industrial Systems Limited has put a lot of efforts to promote FingerTec and right now, FingerTec is gaining popularity within the Maltese market, based on good product and design by FingerTec Worldwide, in addition to great customer service and professional approach employed by AIS.

It is our hope to see more products offering by FingerTec for security products other than biometric recognition devices but so far, we are doing great with FingerTec.

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