( By Abbas Mukaddam, Business Development Manager )
In Dubai, newspapers are generally the cheapest way to reach a mass audience, and the timing is fast. With FingerTec this year, similar like last year, we ran a campaign at the beginning of Intersec 2010, the major security exhibition held in Dubai International Trade Center.  With the recession hitting hard to one and all, we decided that our voice needs to be heard and this we wanted to go to masses rather than to sticking with only few potentials.
We selected Khaleejtimes for our advertisement campaign and once we finalised the agreement we went on for colour ads for new product and with different sizes. We also did a complete editorial section with the newspaper.

This gave a lot of exposure to end customers on FingerTec and its product portfolios. The ads were successful and in particular the editorial, which gave us a lot of leverage on the new products – Face ID and KeyLock 8800.

We did get lot of end customers and new resellers wanting to buy and try our new products. We surely have begun with this new year 2010 with lot of expectation and definitely with such campaigns and FingerTec brand association we will be doing good.

We have already crossed the targetted sales quota of FingerTec for our 1st quarter of 2010. Lot of our regular resellers have been benefitted with this ad as well since we have passed on the enquiries to them as well.

Some of the colored advertisements ran by Seven Seas of Dubai
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