( by Norana Johar, Senior Marketing Manager )
FingerTec products might not be suitable for The Long Tail Theory by Chris Anderson as mentioned in the CEO’s blog, Traveling Mind. But it doesn’t mean that the Internet doesn’t need to play a part in the business. It plays a good major role indeed, the leading role, the most sought after part. In fact, FingerTec wouldn’t go as far as we have gone, if we didn’t tap on the power of the Internet. People in Kiribati wouldn’t know about FingerTec, businessmen from South Africa couldn’t have heard about us without any advertisement in the mass media. The Internet has made it all possible.
Have you Googled us lately?
How could we ever survive without Google? When I was in the university back in 1996, the Internet was there but Google was not. If Google was there, completing my assignments could be a piece of cake! Google came a few years after and with its simple interface, has hit the world like a storm. Google has become a common verb in this world of ours. People Google almost everything, from recipe to dating online to whatever crosses their minds.

In 2002, we explored the Google Adwords, an online advertisement based on keyword search. It’s really simple. Choose your keywords, bid for the price. When people search the keywords you choose, your advertisement would appear in the right column of the page based on your bidding price. The higher the price you’re willing to pay for one keyword, you will appear top of the list. Once people click on your link, that’s when you pay Google, a very minimal charge. Pay-per-click they called it; a superbly smart move from Google! This strategy has earned us many clients from the world over. We park our products online and it’s up to the potential clients to find us.

The availability of support system after they have found us is another crucial matter to ensure success of the entire plan. And, we have done all the necessary to sustain a system and now we want to promote the same to all our resellers. Explore the options and see how far Google Adwords will get you. Presence in the Internet validifies your identity as a legit company. The objective is to be found and enquired. When someone in your territory type in fingerprint supplier, you wouldn’t want them to find your competitors, instead you want them to find you. It doesn’t cost a fortune but the ROI is exceptional. And while you are there, try the Google Map and see how amazing it is. It can pinpoint your location from the satellite to convince your potential clients that you are indeed REAL. We have tried it and we strongly recommend.
It’s Twitterific!!
Twitter is a recent phenomenon! How Twitter works? You sign up for an account; get people to follow you. Then type in a message of 140 characters long and your followers will get the message almost instantly and know exactly what’s going on with you, your products, your activities, your brand. In short, your followers are like consent virtual stalkers. It’s up to you to highlight the contents of your updates. For us at FingerTec, we choose to highlight articles from the newsletter, technical tips, software and firmware updates, latest products, etc. Resellers and potential clients who follow you will be updated constantly and this is good for brand awareness. How to participate? You can follow us and at the same time build your follower lists. Once received our tweets (twitter messages), you can retweet the message to your followers and the web grows. It might not yield instant orders but Twitter makes you closer to your clients, and your business gets interesting with audiences. 
Be a FingerTec Fan in Facebook
We were skeptical in joining Facebook initially because we thought of it as a social network without realizing that it has a Fan Page for brands. We have created FingerTec Worldwide Fan Page and we can accept you as a fan. We publish FingerTec information sparingly in Facebook to update fans about our status. It could be business and it could be casual like updates of our family day, it could be an info platform for question and answer sessions, the most important thing is, we are there in the crowd of interested people who wish to know the updates of the brand. You can do it too. Either be a FingerTec fan or you can build one for your business. But remember don’t flood them with too much information, sprinkle the information smartly to get the most of out Facebook.
Watch us on YouTube
If you haven’t heard of YouTube, where were you all these while? YouTube is a video sharing website. Upload your video and view in youtube.com. FingerTec makes use of YouTube to upload FingerTec product video guides, documentary, advertisements, etc for our resellers and clients. How to use YouTube links? Go to the video you would like to view, copy the link and send it to your client. For example, your client doesn’t know how to install Keylock 8800, Click this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOwFv8KfOKE  and voila!
Business is made easy with the power of the Internet. We don’t sell FingerTec through the Internet, we use the Internet to sell FingerTec.  As our resellers, you can employ the same approach to obtain clients.  As the idiom goes, the more the merrier. The more popular we are in the virtual world, the more popular we get in the real world because believe it or not, the people who are in the virtual world are the ones who rule the real one.
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