To expect an inspiring presentation like Steve Jobs’s is reaching for the sky, or is it? Steve Jobs is an inspiration when it comes to public speaking. He is the talk of the town every time Apple introduces its new product. Why? Because he masters the technique of presentation like no other men does. He does not only sell, he motivates, he inspires, he engages. We are no Steve Jobs but does it mean we can conduct our presentations casually and take our audiences for granted?  If Steve Jobs needs to rehearse, why do we think we deserve an impromptu? Learn the techniques from Carmine Gallo, a communication skills coach of renowned brands, who is also the writer of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. It’s worth to learn from the best because though we can’t be at par, at least we make an effort to offer our best to our clients.
Stick to the Structure
Everything has its structure. A movie has a structure. You can’t do a movie without knowing the formula of making a movie. Terms like Act I, II, III, Save the Cat moment, Fun & Games, All is Lost, are common in moviemaking. Writing a script needs total understanding of the terms and formula. Presentation is no difference; it has to have a structure to engage audiences.  unimportant

First and foremost, you have to know the subject of your presentation. What do you want to highlight in the entire presentation. What do you want to introduce? Who are your audiences? What do you plan to achieve from the presentation? And, tailor your presentation to suit your goal(s). People are easily bored. You can’t convince people to follow when you do not know where you are going – it is as simple as that.

Consistent, Persistent and Confident
Shall you choose “FingerTec makes things easy” as a theme, convinced people that FingerTec delivers just that. Shall you pick “FingerTec Hi-Tech Human Touch”, follow through with how close FingerTec products are to your everyday life and how it prioritizes human. Shall you choose “FingerTec one finger solves it all”, carry it throughout the presentation on how FingerTec products ‘solve’ all the current problems your audiences are facing.

The worst thing that could happen to a presentation is when the presenter dreading his own presentation. Nobody is going to believe in your products if you don’t. Convince your audience that the products are the best things in the world! Let them know how you believe in the brand. Imagine not having to carry any keys around! Unlock and lock your doors using your fingerprint or face, how cool is that? When you inject upbeat choice of words in your presentation, your audience would register the positiveness in their minds.

Again, structure an outline to your presentation. Know the time given and stick to the time. Avoid dragging a presentation at your fancy because your audiences have things to do. “I’m going to talk about 5 points in today’s presentation.” And stick to the 5.

Know where exactly the products have been installed in the world. Pick and choose prominent clients, renowned companies the likes of IKEA, DHL, Warner Bros, Banks, Airports, Arm Forces, Universities, Warner Bros, etc. Quote the large installations ever done for the FingerTec brands for example 350 units of TA103-R have been installed in a factory in Bangladesh, 45 units of R2/R2i installed at the first IKEA in Central America at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 75 units of Ac900 installed at the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation  (MATRADE). Sprinkle these client lists throughout the presentation to install confidence in audiences.

Be A Magician
How to prove that your magic is true? Call the audience to the floor to participate. Enroll one of your audiences to let them experience the simplicity, the human touch, the solving of the problems. Participation of an audience in the presentation is simply clever because an audience is impartial.  Proving something with an impartial scores high level of confidence throughout the entire room.

Often times, presentation is referred to as Powerpoint presentation. Powerpoint presentation is a tool you can use to enhance your presentation but to abide by what the slides require you to do is just lame. We do prepare Powerpoint presentation but it is for your reference, for your client’s reference. Display appealing pictures to arouse your audience. Insert funny anecdote to make them glued to you.

In making presentation, nervousness will get the best of you if you keep on worrying about the small stuff. So you can’t converse in English well, tailor your presentation to suit your local audience. Be comfortable in your own skin. So you stumble your way early in the presentation, continue and the audience will forgive you. Relax and make the presentation your own.

The most important thing you need to deliver is the benefits of your products. What good does my product would provide you. Deliver the benefits with such conviction that your audiences are left with a certainty that they couldn’t do without your product.

Take 1, Take 2, Take 3, Take…
Please bear in mind that Tiger Woods and Steve Jobs are not born with superpowers. They are with talents. But they are good in what they do because they practice hard. To be successful, practices, rehearsals, trainings are part of the game.  If you think you can do excellent with impromptu, think again. An important key to an engaging presentation is rehearsal. Spend sometimes to master your presentation and it’d eventually come naturally to you.

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