FingerTec is a brand for commercial biometrics products established since the year 2000. Initially marketed in Malaysia and in the South East Asia, FingerTec now is spreading its wings to more than 100 countries worldwide with concentration in the Middle East, Central and South America and Asia. Relentless efforts are poured into building the brand in the last decade and on its 10th year anniversary, the management gave a nod on the first brand audit on FingerTec brand.

In the fourth quarter of 2009, FingerTec Worldwide assigned Kensolusi Consulting Sdn Bhd to conduct an online survey amongst its worldwide customers. The respondents comprise of distributors and dealers across 5 continents and the survey was conducted in two languages, English and Spanish. The exercise seeks to determine FingerTec’s brand strength, brand weakness and opportunities for improvement.

11 questions were posted in the survey’s questionnaires and respondents need to check their answers accordingly. The survey sought feedback on the following areas:

FingerTec as an innovative brand
FingerTec as an international brand
Overall brand presentation
Meeting customer needs/requirements
Value for money
Customer satisfaction
FingerTec as preferred partner
FingerTec ranks extremely favorable as a preferred brand among its existing customers. With an average rating of about 95% in its favor, FingerTec enjoys high rating in every sector. FingerTec is widely accepted as an international brand, not just in perception but in the way business is conducted globally. This is also proven by the business tools available on the FingerTec website that is fully utilized by its customers. The websites are highly utilized with half the customers using it more than 5 times a month. The business caters to multiple language via the website. In the survey details, customers choose email as the number one choice for method of communication with FingerTec followed by Skype and MSN.
FingerTec as a Global Brand
FingerTec as an Innovative Brand
FingerTec is "Value-For-Money"
FingerTec listens to its customer well
FingerTec the brand is synonymous with technology at the moment. The technology value is very high and is supported by the business support mechanisms. What is lacking is a clearly articulated brand character, which can be conceived as a marketing strategy and is organically evolved over time. Technology can be replaced or challenged but character of a company will hold steadfast throughout.
The opportunity exists for FingerTec to capitalize on the current extremely good standing by enhancing its ‘emotional branding’. This might be achieved by CSR programmed and event sponsorships. The blogs by the leading executives of FingerTec are helping on making the big leap in emotional branding.  The FingerTec Facebook page and Twitter account recently launched is also getting the brand moving farther ahead of its competitors.

“People don’t really care how much you know until they know how much you care”

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