Marketing is A Conversation
Marketing moves products. There are so many people selling similar items and the ones with brilliant marketing strategies always get ahead of the game. Marketing in short is a conversation between you and your potential clients, between you and your market. Marketing involved carefully worded messages to lure your customers into trying and believing in your products. What kind of messages do you want to highlight to your customers? What sort of images you want to portray about your brand? What’s the value of your brand to the market? All these messages only carry impact if they are articulately communicated to your target audiences.

Respectable brands connect with their target audiences psychologically. What comes to mind when you look at BMW, Mercedes, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nike, Adidas, Mont Blanc, for example. They are not simply cars or food chain restaurants or coffee joint or sports attire or just a pen, they possess intangible values, which audiences understand well and connect. BMW and Mercedes are known for their precision, luxury lifestyle, and social status to mention the least. McDonald’s shouts fast food that makes you loving your life even more. Starbucks delivers specialty coffee tailored to your taste in a cozy-friendly environment. Nike and Adidas are two ubiquitous sports attire brands that gear professional athletes around the world, pushing them further in sports. And only successful business people would wear Mont Blanc for a pen could cost you a fortune.

What are we saying to our audiences and do we deliver what we promise? Because, any inconsistencies between these two would put the brand at a great risk.

We Are Making Things Easy, Aren’t We?
The statement sounds perfectly easy. In reality it’s not easy at all to make everything easy. To look from our customer’s point of view and anticipating what they require from us to deliver is not an easy task. It took us years to have everything ready to support our clients globally and the efforts continue. And our aspiration to make things easy on the customer’s end; THAT has become our mantra, the emotional value attached to the brand. We carry that message in everything we do and deliver. If you found that dealing with our products and our staff is hard, it means that we are not doing a good job for you yet. So far, in our recent brand audit, we have discovered that we are on the right track and most of our existing customer gave us thumbs up on our efforts so far.
The results allow us to exhale our deep breath but it doesn’t mean that we have done enough to satisfy our clients; we have to keep moving to fulfill various aspects of the business and customer requirements.

We value our clients so much; for us you are the blood and soul to our business. Though the distance separates us, we hope that what we have done from afar satisfy your needs and you find working with us a pleasurable experience. We will keep on improving our products and services in our continuous efforts to make you proud, to drive you to sell our brand in your area and to find pride in being one of our resellers.

We aspire to be the preferred brand, not just the quality brand. When they are plenty of choices around, we want you to prefer us from other brands because we deliver our promises to you, because we treat you well. We want to bring you business over and over again, not just one time business. And last but not least, we are looking for a relationship with you, not just providing service but also offering you lasting relationship.

New Year, New Product, New Look
Welcoming 2010, we launch our latest packaging designs, which are consistent with all other respective marketing materials. We carry the same design throughout for familiarity, for uniformity. With the introduction of our latest products and the refresh looks, we are hoping for a better result in this year of Tiger. Any comments or feedback, send us an email at editorial@fingertec.com.
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