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Royale Hayat Hospital equipped with TA200 Plus and H2i
by Mr. Khaled Khalil, NBD Manager, Subway IT Co.
The Royale Hayat Hospital in Kuwait.
In Kuwait the Royale Hayat Hospital adapts the artistic and also human approach in search of therapeutic features in terms of a hospital design. With the looks atypical to that of a hospital, Royale Hayat Hospital has equipped itself with over 600 employees to provide patients the luxury and attentiveness that the hospital’s motto promises.

But having a large employee base with over 4 rotational shifts, much of the HR department time is allocated for the input and collection of attendance data for payroll processing. The stand-alone access control system that is in use now requires IT enrollment for an authorized personnel to be added as a new user each time in every device, therefore this complicating matters further.

To solve this matter and to match the challenging requirements of Royals Hayat Hospital’s access control and the time attendance of their staff, FingerTec TA200 Plus and H2i Time Attendance and Access control was chosen to be installed. FingerTec’s partner in Kuwait, Subway IT Co., was given the responsibility for the design, installation and maintenance of this project. Each designated rooms of the Royale Hayat Hospital was installed with the voice-guided H2i reader to provide enhanced biometric security without the hassle of carrying access cards.
To better manage staff attendance, the hospital implemented the TA200 Plus time attendance system. The terminals were installed in several locations to enable the employees to check-in and out just by using their fingerprint and this automatically eradicates the use of time sheet filling. The TCMS V2 bundled software came in handy to automate data collection especially when it came to shift work.

After a month of implementing the system, the hospital had found that the system works efficiently to their purpose, and thanked us profusely in a letter addressed to Subway IT CO., and frankly, we couldn’t be happier with such a smooth implementation of the system.

One of the premium rooms in the hospital.
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