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FingerTec and ULR Automotive Group
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By Ms. Tamy Phoon, International Sales & Marketing Manager, FingerTec Worldwide
ULR Automotive Group has been in the automotive dealership industry for over 50 years, promoting sales for both new and used cars. The family-owned business is a multi-award winning company, gaining recognition from their excellence in sales, service and customer satisfaction. Their subsidiaries, ULR Land Rover and ULR Jaguar, have long been servicing the Melbourne area with sites in Malvern and Port Melbourne. Their state of the art contemporary showrooms and display areas show a penchant for up-to-date technology, which fits well with what FingerTec offers.
Outside View of the ULR Building
After consulting with FingerTec Australia, it was decided that both sites were to be installed with FingerTec TA200 Fingerprint Terminals with TimeTec Web. The fingerprint’s full-color screen and its aesthetic design goes hand in hand with ULR’s preference for modern-looking devices, while the powerful web-based solution for automated time and attendance management system helps the company implement its payroll system more efficiently. Their staff now clocks in and out using just their fingerprints. Having worked previously with our partner, Unipay Australia, FingerTec Australia successfully installed the new system so that payroll could be sent directly to the Unipay software.
When asked about the company’s reception of the FingerTec products, the representative from ULR, Peter, mentioned “(we are) Happy with the (installation) and service”. In fact, TimeTec Web has impressed the ULR management to the extent that they have decided to migrate to FingerTec’s TimeTec-Box, also known in other regions as the T-Box. This all-in-one solution eliminates the hassles of setting up as it combines hardware, software and accessories in one box. Peter goes on to share that “(we are) also looking forward to move to the new TimeTec-Box system” and this enthusiasm marks a new beginning for the relationship between FingerTec and ULR.
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