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FingerTec Brings DKV Automobil Up to Speed with Time Attendance Solution
By Ms. Kartina Azlina, Sales & Marketing Executive (Domestic Sales), FingerTec Worldwide
View of the DKV Automobil Showroom
DKV Automobil, an authorized dealer of Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM), had been experiencing a rough patch with their previous electronic time recorder system. When the system started to malfunction and become faulty, the decision to replace the old with the new was inevitable. This is especially so, considering the Sabah-based company’s goal to prevent buddy punching as well as to reduce the time spent on overtime calculations. After surveying for the perfect solution to their problem, Sabah’s local FingerTec reseller, AMTC System Sdn Bhd proved to be the best option available for DKV.
Recognizing that DKV only had a need for time attendance and not door access, AMTC proceeded to propose the installation of the FingerTec TA100C biometric device. The machine enables its users to verify themselves via fingerprint or password, and eliminates the problematic issue of buddy punching. On top of that, the bundled TCMS V2 software that came with no extra charges is a comprehensive and powerful management tool that significantly reduces payroll calculation time.
The TA100C installed at the entry point
The installation at DKV Automobil, Sabah is not the only success story for AMTC System as they have been with the FingerTec family for quite some time. Their Managing Director, Mr. Desmond Wong, listed three main factors as to why they have been prosperous with FingerTec; the easy-to-use TCMS V2 software bundled with the products, the 2 years warranty given and the excellent support from the sales and services team. With the arrival of new things from the company (such as the FingerTec Developer Program) AMTC is looking forward to still be representing FingerTec.
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