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FingerTec Constructs Solution for International Conglomerate, The Bauer Group
By Mr. Curtis Tan, Sales Manager, FingerTec Worldwide
Example of a construction project by The Bauer Group
The international construction and machinery manufacturing conglomerate, The Bauer Group, is a collection of more than 110 subsidiary businesses with about 9,700 employees in around 70 countries as of 2011. In line with their global expansion, Bauer had recently opened a new office building in Tuas Avenue 11, Singapore.
The Germany-based company’s expansion in the Singaporean market has benefited many local firms with business opportunities. As such, Bauer required a cost-efficient time attendance and access control solution for its new building and after due consideration awarded the project to their local FingerTec reseller, Smartsys Solutions Pte. Ltd. After taking into account the client’s specific needs, Smartsys proposed a combination of products from the FingerTec Kadex family to suit Bauer’s requirements.
RFID Card Access System - Schematic Diagram
As seen in the accompanying diagram, a total of 14 Kadex readers were installed along with 1 m-Kadex and 2 i-Kadex devices. The m-Kadex device used (top right corner in diagram) is customized with lift controller integration while the 2 i-Kadex devices were installed with Kadex readers at the equipment store according to Bauer’s requests. A centralized power distribution is implemented for all the readers, in which a power module with two 37AH SLA batteries were used. Similarly, a fire alarm control panel located in the guard house is also connected to all the doors centrally.
Smartsys Solutions Pte. Ltd has always been an efficient reseller of FingerTec, providing top quality solutions and services to their various clients around Singapore. With the successful completion of the time attendance and access control solution in The Bauer Group’s new office building, they hope that this move will open up more similar opportunities for them in the future as a FingerTec reseller.

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