Assists Peoples Documentary on Raising Awareness
of Issues Faced by Inshore Fishermen
Peoples Documentary is a team of filmmakers who produce web films to highlight serious environmental issues that threaten the livelihood of Malaysians, especially the Orang Asli (Native Malaysians) community. Recently, they have touched on issues affecting inshore fishermen, including the destruction of mangrove forests, encroachment of trawlers and various sources of pollution that will eventually lead to a depleting stock of fish and threaten the sustainability resources of fish in the country.
Through its CSR initiative, FingerTec Worldwide has pledged its full support by contributing to the post-production of the documentaries that highlight these serious matters. This series of documentaries also contain extensive interviews with the fishermen as well as footage of initiatives that have been taken to solve these issues, such as mangrove replanting projects. With the release of these films, Peoples Documentary and FingerTec are hoping for the nation to be more aware of the environmental issues threatening the natural well-being of Malaysia.
Peoples Documentary has a YouTube channel where you can view the web films they have produced by clicking here.
Documentary Videos
  Episode 1: Mangrove Replantation Project by Penang Inshore Fishermen
Published on Jan 15, 2014
A group of inshore fishermen in Penang initiated a mangrove replanting project to protect the country shoreline and safeguard the fish stock. They had planted more than 200,000 mangrove trees in a deforested mangrove area.
  Episode 2: Major Problem faced by Inshore Fishermen: Encroachment of                      Trawlers into Inshore Area
Published on Jan 23, 2014
Inshore fishermen in Malaysia has suffered severe depletion of fish catch since trawlers was introduced into the country during the end of 60s. Encroachment by trawlers into swallow water had destroyed seabed and depleting fish resources.
  Episode 3: Implications of Land Reclamation project on Fishermen’s                       Livelihood
Published on Jan 26, 2014
The social implication of the land reclamation project on inshore fishermen of Penang.
  Episode 4 : Why fishes caught by Inshore fishermen are more expensive                        compared to deep sea fishes?
Published on Jan 28, 2014
  Episode 5: Implication on Livelihood of fishermen from pollution by sanitary                       landfill
Published on Feb 6, 2014
Around a thousand inshore fishermen at Nibong Tebal, Batu Kawan and Parit Buntar has been badly affected by water pollution from Sanitary landfill at Sungai Burung. They have been suffering the impacts of fish catch depletion over 6 years.
  Episode 6: Environmental Pollution due to large scale prawn farming
Published on Feb 17, 2014
Large scale aquaculture especially prawn farms not only causing mangrove forest destruction, its waste water are polluting estuary and sea, and depleting fish resources.
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