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Jubail’s Ministry of Defence Adopts FingerTec TA200 Plus for Attendance Monitoring
FingerTec TA200 Plus
The town of Al-Jubail, located at the Eastern province on the Gulf Arabian coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to the newest and largest industrial city and civil engineering project also aptly named Jubail Industrial City. Following the rapid expansion and industrialization of Jubail, the city has since evolved into a major player in the global petrochemicals market, attracting top technical and business minds from 40 countries all living in an urban melting pot consisting of Jubail’s educational, cultural religious, commercial and governmental functions that boasts an impressive view of the waterfront city centre known to locals as the Bay Area.

Recently, Altqaniah Trading Est., our partner's ITQAN's distributor in Saudi received an assignment from the Ministry of Defense in Jubail that requested for the installation of 25 FingerTec TA200 Plus units at the main building which functions as an office for military personnel of the Royal Navy Forces.

The impressive design and features of the TA200 Plus device made it stand out from the crowd during the previous Intersec Dubai exhibition, catching the eyes of the visitors of that international exhibition. The outstanding fingerprint template storage capacity (10,000) and usage of the latest cutting-edge fingerprint scanning algorithm (BioBridge VX 10.0 for fast fingerprint user verification coupled with the attractive pricing of the TA200 Plus further raised the status of the device and made it the popular choice among many of our clients. The TA200 Plus also challenges the boundaries with its three-pronged verification capabilities where RFID card and password verification are also offered as side options. However, what cinched the deal was the Arabic language option that makes the device accessible and easy to use for users who are not familiar with the English language.
Altqaniah Trading Est, FingerTec’s distributor in Jubail started its foray into offering security, time attendance and access control solutions in the early 90’s. Since its inception, the company has found great success due to their steadfast commitment and dedication in providing the best service and deals to their customers in the field.
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