( by Mr. Henry Pang, Product Development Manager )
You can now download the latest firmware for color screen FingerTec models for i-Kiosk 100 (FEM510), Q2i (FEM510) and TA200 Plus (FEM510) and Face ID 2 free from FingerTec.
Firmware for i-Kiosk 100 (FEM510), Q2i (FEM510) and TA200Plus (FEM510)
The new firmware for iKiosk 100 (FEM510), Q2i (FEM510) and TA200Plus (FEM510) is developed to improve the mechanism of different verification style. A problem was found where the fingerprint scanner does not capture any fingerprint when the terminal is set to “Card+Fingerprint” verification style. This new firmware is developed to resolve the problem. Please update your i-Kiosk 100, Q2i or TA200 Plus to avoid the error.
Click the link below to download the corresponding firmware for your terminal.
Firmware for Face ID 2
Occasionally Face ID 2 would freeze when multiverification methods are being used. To solve the problem, update the firmware of your Face ID 2. Click here to download.
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