( by Mr. Henry Pang, Product Development Manager )
The new release of TCMS V2.2.008 is designed to resolve software bugs and to add some new features.
You can update your version by:
A. New installation of TCMS V2.2.008. Please click here.
B. Online upgrade
Software-bugs fixed
This release solves 2 software bugs in the software.
Software bug 1 - Change User ID issue
In the previous version, you could see an error message appearing when you try to change a user ID in the software.
Software bug 2 - Merge duplicated user name issue
When you try to merge a same user with different ID using the previous version, you will see the error message as shown below. By upgrading the TCMS V2 to the latest version, this problem could be resolved.
The latest version of TCMS V2, new features are added for terminals with BioBridge VX 10.0 algorithm
1. USB Download/Upload Data with Face ID 2 and TA100C series
Face ID 2 and TA100C models are the latest models loaded with new algorithm BioBridge VX10.0. The data structure of USB data from these models is different from those with BioBridge VX 9.0. The older version of TCMS v2.2 cannot read the new data structure from USB flash disk (pen drive). You will view the screen as below if you try to download users via USB flash disk.
The new TCMS v2.2.008 is added with this new feature, and you can download/upload data via USB flash disk easily with Face ID 2 or TA100C.
New feature of i-Kiosk 100 Plus
The new version of TCMS v2.2 allows administrator to upload advertisement photo or company advertisement to the i-Kiosk 100 Plus. These photos or advertisements will be shown on the LCD screen one picture at a time.
Inserting advertisement photo into i-Kiosk 100 Plus
Step 1, Choose Terminal Multimedia Management and click on Set button.
Step 2, In the Terminal Multimedia Management, click on 8” (800x600)
Step 3, Choose the photo you want to change from the device and click on the arrow icon.
Step 4, An “Open Picture” folder will appear. Choose the photo from the location and click “OK”.
Step 5, Click “Upload Theme” to upload the new photo into the device. When all the process is done, click “Close” to return to the main menu.
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