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FingerTec Impresses UNEECO of Bahrain
By Mr. Benacer Douadi, Sales Manager (Middle Eastern/African Region), FingerTec Worldwide
The UNEECO Group of Companies is located in Manama, Bahrain whereby its Fire & Security division, Technical Protection Engineering (TPE), is actively involved in the design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning and after sales service of high quality fire & security systems. Initially, UNEECO’s first exposure to FingerTec came through the brand awareness created by FingerTec. UNEECO was attracted to add the FingerTec brand to their family of products because of some positive word-of-mouth marketing across the Middle East. After testing out the AC900 device along with its powerful bundled software, TCMS V2, for their headquarters, the company was impressed and immediately added the device to their line of products to be introduced to their clients.
Among the AC900 devices used in UNEECO's headquarters
Ever since UNEECO’s involvement in the FingerTec family in 2012, the company has been successfully installing different FingerTec models in different sectors of the industry. This has been part of UNEECO’s plan to play an essential role in creating even more brand awareness for FingerTec in Bahrain. Among the projects completed by the company were:
The device can also be connected to other accessories
for adaptability
1. Bahrain Internet Exchange (BIX) - AC 900
    (all offices)
2. Asia Jewelers - AC 900 (all branches)
3. GOYS (through Cablinx) – R2 & R2C     (headquarters)
4. UNEECO - AC 900 (headquarters)
5. Glass tech - AC 900 (glass factory)
6. Ministry of Interior – AC 900
7. Sadafco – AC 900
8. Maple Media – AC 900
9. BATELCO – Face ID 2

According to Mr. Madhu Sudhan, Sales Manager of the Technical Protection Engineering division of the UNEECO Group of Companies, “(UNEECO) have successfully designed and commissioned a number of major projects in the following fields; industrial, residential hotels, shopping complexes, high-rise buildings, banks, military works, and civil aviation”. He also goes on to mention that their main focus is “to satisfy and offer (customers) the best after-sales support” while their main strength is “(having) a strong team of highly-skilled engineers for design, engineering and installation of integrated fire & security systems in Bahrain”.

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