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FingerTec Provides Security and Simplicity to Sybaris Residences
By Ms. Fazalina Zamidon , Sales & Marketing Executive, FingerTec Worldwide
Sybaris Residences is situated in Juan Dolio,
Dominican Republic
Sybaris Residences is an apartment residential project built inside a resort area called Guavaberry Golf and Country Club located in Juan Dolio, southeast of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This upscale, gated community prides itself in providing facilities and services that ensure a pleasant stay for guests to satisfy even the most discerning patrons. In order to protect their prestigious residences, the management decided to employ an access control system for their residents and a time attendance system for their staff. This is where respected FingerTec distributor, E. Threan & Cia, comes in.
After going through the needs and requirements of Sybaris Residences, it was proposed that one H2i device would be installed to record time attendance among their staff. The small-sized reader with a super-sized capacity compliments the luxury residential area well with its sleek and stylish design, and has been positively received by the employees there. On the other hand, 2 units of m-Kadex with proximity cards were installed for Sybaris Residences’ access control purposes. The devices were installed at the gated community’s entry points as a way to control the flow of vehicles in and out of the residential area.
View of part of the residential buildings in the community
The m-Kadex devices are used to control the flow of
traffic in and out of the community
On top of the FingerTec hardware provided in the time attendance and access control solution, Sybaris Residences has also been using the bundled TCMS V2 software that came together with the installed devices to centrally manage their data. On the whole, the installation was a success for both sides. Johnny H. Peña of E. Threan & Cia comments, “(this installation) proves that we can bring FingerTec products to just about any industry, regardless of how (upscale) the project is”. The company looks forward to building on its 7-year strong relationship with FingerTec as they carry on spreading their operations in the Dominican Republic.
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