TimeTec is a powerful web-based solution for automated time attendance for various kinds of businesses. Built with Microsoft.NET framework and MySQL Relational Database Management, TimeTec is basically an advanced web-based version of the FingerTec TCMS V2 and this application has vast potential for use in SMEs or even large multinational companies (MNC).
TimeTec centralizes all FingerTec terminals to the server where you can control, manage and download the transaction logs all from one place. On top of that, we also have the TimeTec Mobile application for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch and Android device users which allows the user to check attendance records and to clock-in their attendance from a GPS-tagged location on-the-go, as long as an Internet connection is available.

To setup and use TimeTec, you will first have to purchase a license key that will be issued by FingerTec Worldwide. One FingerTec terminal will need one license key to connect to the user-friendly TimeTec server.

In conjuction with the launch of the brand new product, FingerTec would like to announce that it is giving away FREE TimeTec licenses of up to 500 units with the purchase of a TimeTec enabled FingerTec terminal. Each TimeTec enabled terminal purchase will entitle you to one free license key while stocks last, and these free license keys come with a simple condition - that you provide us with your feedback and report of any TimeTec aspects. This is to ensure that FingerTec will be able to provide you with continuous software updates and improvements to make your TimeTec experience more valuable.

To purchase your license key or if you have any questions regarding TimeTec, kindly contact your FingerTec sales representative or drop and email to info@fingertec.com to get a quick response.

Any comments or feedbacks please email to editorial@fingertec.com
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