The FEM600 core board was developed to support the Face ID 2 using the new algorithm, BioBridge VX10.0. The FEM600 core board can contain up to 12,000 fingerprints on a single device. This new algorithm has already been loaded into FingerTec’s TA100C, I-kiosk 100, I-kiosk 100 plus, TA200plus and Q2i. This algorithm also speeds up the fingerprint verification process on the terminal.

However the fingerprint templates from the BioBridge VX10.0 algorithm cannot be mixed and matched with fingerprint templates from BioBridgeVX9.0 algorithm. The templates derived from the BioBridge VX9.0 will prompt an error during the verification period if it were uploaded to the terminal via the BioBridge VX10.0 or vice versa.

If you are using an OFIS scanner as an enrolment station, please downgrade the terminal with the FEM600 core board e.g. TA100C, Face ID, I-kiosk 100, I-kiosk 100 plus, Q2i and TA200 Plus algorithm version to VX9.0 as currently, the fingerprint captured by the OFIS scanner is VX9.0 and it’s not compatible with VX10.0 in color screen models.

Please refer to the steps below on how to change the Algorithm version on each FEM 600 terminal:

Face ID 2
Press Menu> System> Fingerprint> Algorithm version> BioBridge Vx9.0> Save
Press Menu> System> System> Alg Version> BioBridge VX9.0> Ok
I-Kiosk 100/Q2i/TA200Plus
Press Menu> System> System> Alg Version> BioBridge VX9.0> Ok
I-Kiosk 100 plus
Press Menu> System> Param Setup> Alg Version> BioBridge VX9.0> Done
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