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by Ms. Nisha Tara Naidu, Marketing Executive, FingerTec Worldwide

Managing labor in business is complicated and costly at this day and age. We have come a long way from the time when employers has all the rights in the work place and employee had very little say when it came to the terms and conditions of employment. Over time, the situation in the work place had improved tremendously; labor laws were formed to protect the workers and they are provided with benefits and compensations suitable to their positions and nature of work.

Tackling labor issues nowadays, a business needs to find a balance between profiting the business and providing sufficient benefits for the employee or at risk of being sued by dissatisfied workers. Human Resource managers are not only dealing with recruiting of personnel, they need to maintaining different pay rates, scheduling, payroll issues, HR issues, forecasting on productivity, etc. In view of the increasing labor cost, businesses are finding ways to tackle the labor management effectively while maintaining sustainable revenue and ROI.
Clocking Attendance with TimeTec Cloud
Workforce management on cloud technology
could be the best solution to have an effective workforce management for the future.
  Data on Cloud, Accessible Anytime
TimeTec Cloud is designed to offer you with round-the-clock attendance data accessible from anywhere in the world with only USD1 per user per month. With a very minimal monthly fee, TimeTec Cloud offers an attendance system where your employee whereabouts are secured in the data, attendance data is accurately recorded and maintained, various kinds of report can be easily generated, integration to third party system such as payroll is made possible with minimal hassle, and most importantly, productivity can be gauged accurately against the time and money spent on labor. To top this all, TimeTec Cloud comes with no maintenance fee, no extra cost and no marginal hardware investment.
It’s common knowledge that every employee is obliged to work for a stipulated number of hours per workday for his/her company. Any extra hours required from them will be calculated based on different formula on the need-to-use basis. With the rapid changing of the world and the introduction of new technologies, the way people work change accordingly in order to make the best out of the time they have. As a result of the changing world, today’s workforce has becoming more mobile, dynamic, calculative and expensive.
  Have Your Attendance Three Ways with TimeTec Cloud
The implementation of TimeTec Cloud erases the concern of the employer of not being able to apply control on staff’s mobility and working hours flexibility. TImeTec Cloud offers three methods to record attendance in a hassle-free manner:
1.  Verification at the biometrics machine – Get yourself verified in any of the connected readers to have your attendance data recorded instantly into the TimeTec Cloud database, ready to be used accordingly.
2.  Verification via Web Check-In – Check-in your attendance using the TimeTec Web Check-in, available in the TimeTec Cloud application installed in your computer
3.  Verification using Mobile Check-In – Report attendance on the go with Mobile Check-In on your smartphones. The time and GPS location will be recorded and the data will be transferred to the server when your phone line comes back online.
The flexibility of check-in for attendance reporting makes TimeTec Cloud superior to other systems out there. All the attendance data can be accessed instantly by the employers and the employee via the Internet regardless of the location of the branch, and the employee can also gain access to their attendance history, to check if their data has been recorded correctly, or simply to see how much time he/she should work to cover the standard weekly hours set by the company. The regular case of he-says-she-says can be put to rest now, as TimeTec Cloud works both ways without bias, providing a transparent platform of punctuality, tardiness, and staff discipline.
So, whether you’re an desktop worker who hardly leaves your desk, an out-of-office worker often meeting up with clients for meetings, a part-time graphic designer working from home, an events associate travelling from location to location, or the CEO of a multi-national company who’s a frequent flyer, TimeTec Cloud still lets you report to work in a timely fashion, giving an accurate record of your punctuality to your superiors (if you have any).
  The Versatility of the Offline Check-in Mode to Your Industry
So what if you’re an engineer travelling to a far out place to start a new development project? TimeTec Mobile’s offline check-in mode caters specifically to such situations, capturing your attendance record even without an Internet connection, and uploading the information as soon as a network is established. And if you’re not confident if the transaction went through, you can always check your attendance history from the application itself to reassure yourself.
With hardly any features left to include in TimeTec Cloud, this cloud-based workforce management solution can be applied to most modern industries of today with the least of worries when it comes to maintenance. Let the support technicians work on the tough bits; all you will need to worry about is getting to work on time!
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