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FingerTec Time Attendance Installed in
FMCG Algeria
by Mr. Curtis Tan, Sales Manager, FingerTec Worldwide
SARL FMCG is a well-established multinational consumer food distribution organization based in Algeria. It facilitates distribution throughout the North African and the Middle Eastern regions, specializing in fast-moving consumer goods. Distributing a variety of foods such as canned food, health and functional foods, milk & dairy products, as well as snack foods, SARL FMCG prides itself on conquering the extensive local market as the main supplier of consumer food.
Employees of SARL FMCG verifying their attendance at the FingerTec TA100C
  The headquarters of the company recently took notice of the growth of the company, as well as in the number of staff. They recognized the need of the company to use an automated system to monitor and control the 32 employees’ time attendance in FMCG headquarter premises. The HR department manager was previously using the manual method (signing in the attendance registry) of attendance recording which was consuming a lot of time & effort from the HR manager when it came to processing the data and releasing payroll every month.
CHABAKAT, our reseller in Algeria was consulted for an effective system that could meet their requirements. After extensive discussion and presenting the various options to SARL FMCG, Chabakat was given the green light to install the FingerTec TA100C bestselling time attendance system combined with TCMS V2 software to create a complete hardware and software system. With much delight to the HR manager, now the working hours of the 32 employees as well as all the related activities such as work orders, vacations, holidays, etc., was able to be recorded, monitored and analysed each month in no time, and required much less effort and manpower.
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