FingerTec Assists Parti Sosialis
Malaysia’s Cause
Founded by an alliance of grassroots-based organizations in Malaysia, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) was initially formed to represent the aspirations and goals of the underprivileged. Despite the fact that their official inception only came through in 1998, PSM has more than 20 years of work experience with the urban and rural poor under their belt.

Working closely with plantation workers, urban poor slums and industrial worker, PSM is convinced and committed to the class struggle. PSM ultimately aspires to promulgate their cause with a vision of empowering the masses and liberating them from poverty and oppression.

We concede the efforts taken by PSM in their quest for equal treatment and better livelihood for marginalized and oppressed. Hence, FingerTec have donated PSM a desktop computer with hopes that it will help them further their cause, educate the people and expose issues which concerns the masses.

It is FingerTec’s belief that as a growing international business, the corporation has a responsibility to act and trade ethically and that, by doing so, it can be a force for good. It is of utmost importance that we ensure that the rights of workers are respected and regarded for in order to foster a sustainable eco-system and experience continuous growth in the biometric time attendance and access control sector.

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