(by Ms Nattalina Zainal, International Sales & Marketing Executive, FingerTec WorldWide)
It was my first visit to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. This time, Tamy and I were assigned as stand managers for the 3-day show at the Secutech Vietnam 2010. We took a taxi upon arrival straight to our hotel. Taxis are easy to find in Ho Chi Minh. Just wait for a few minutes, you'll find one in front of you. Traffic in Ho Chi Minh is a new experience for us as honking sounds became the new music for us throughout our stay there.

Ho Chi Minh city or formerly known as Saigon, is located at the heart of the southern part of Vietnam, between the northern edge of the Mekong Delta and the South Eastern region of volcanic red soil. This metropolitan area is the commerce center and the largest city in Vietnam, offering everything from high end designer boutique shops and classiest restaurants to the street stalls and night markets.

The 3-day exhibition took place at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh. SECC is located at a rather new district, thus some taxi drivers have problems locating the venue. The first day of the exhibition was a slow pace. Not many visitors came to the exhibition, leaving us frustrated. The next two days were more promising as the crowd was getting bigger and we received many inquiries regarding our reseller program for FingerTec products in the city; a positive mark for us. Many were fascinated by our range of products, while others were amazed at our online marketing, training and support services that FingerTec provided.
We also managed to sell some sample units to Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh from Royal Technology Development & Investment in Vietnam, another exhibitor at the show who is very interested in our FingerTec products. We do hope it’ll turn out to be a fruitful relationship. Among the sample units that were sold during the exhibition were the Kadex model, which is an RFID Card Access Control system, and the FingerTec TA300 which is our Desktop Time and Attendance Fingerprint Terminal.

To sum it up, attending an exhibition in a foreign country is always an exciting experience as we get to meet new people from different cultures and explain our product to them. We also had a great time exploring the city that we stayed in although the language barrier iwas still a problem, especially when it was meal time and we had to order food. We were fortunate to have met a friend's friend; a Vietnamese guy that is kind enough to escort us for our outings, which has made our visit much easier. Even shopping within our hotel area was an adventure for us as we needed to bargain when buying anything, even for just a waffle on the street. What an experience we had!

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